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The World of Evindale

An old school fantasy campaign setting for roleplaying games 35+ years in the making.

An old school campaign setting for RPGs

Evindale got its start over 35 years ago as part of an original fantasy D&D setting created by avid tabletop gamer and GM, Steve Kraus.  Since then, it’s been explored by scores of players and G/DMs in D&D, AD&D, and Pathfinder tabletop RPGs.

30,000 Years of Lore and History

With a history spanning seven ages over 30,000 years, game runners will have endless possibilities for their games.  Our goal is to populate this website with as much as we can while leaving more than enough for any print publications.

We keep adding more content, from gods and races to countries and cultures.  Follow or subscribe to updates and be notified every time we update this site.

Original Deities & Creation Myth

From the dreaming primordial Tirsar to the petty gods of mortalkind, Evindale is rich with theological lore and history, artifacts of ancient times, and all flexible enough to allow for any customization.

For more information, check out Gods of Evindale.


Multiple ages in the works

The setting spans seven ages, from the prehistoric First & Second Ages (Chaos & God-Kings) to the modern Sixth & space-bound Seventh Ages (Explorers & New Beginnings).

While those are being developed, the setting is near complete in its own take of high fantasy (Third-Fifth Ages) and is perfect for any new or world-travelling fantasy campaign.