The Elements of Sta'abri

The Elements play a significant role in the tribal people of Sta’abari, so much so that outsiders consider these “Elements” gods.



Element of Divination, Retribution Pantheon: Sta’abrian Opposes: Moon Domains: Sun, Knowledge, Glory, Nobility Subdomains: Revelation, Thought, Honor, Leadership Weapons:


Element of Manipulation, Creation Pantheon: Sta’abrian Opposes: Earth Domains: Air, Artifice, Charm, Law Subdomains: Wind, Toil, Lust, Slavery Weapons:
Fire Sigil


Element of Destruction, Rebirth Pantheon: Sta’abrian Opposes: Water Domains: Fire,  Destruction, War. Strength Subdomains: Fear, Revolution, Ferocity, Protean Weapons:


Element of Banishment, Oblivion Pantheon: Sta’abrian Opposes: Spirit Domains: Void, Death, Darkness, Destruction Subdomains: Nightmare, Fear, Curse, Undead Weapons:
Moon sigil


Element of Occult Knowledge, Night Pantheon: Sta’abrian Opposes: Sun Symbol: Domains: Darkness, Trickery, Chaos, Knowledge Subdomains: Moon, Night, Imagination, Murder Weapons:
Earth sigil


Element of Protection, Nature Pantheon: Sta’abrian Opposes: Air Domains: Earth, Liberation, Protection, Strength Subdomains: Metal, Resolve, Defense, Ferocity Weapons:
Water sigil


Element of Healing, Disease Pantheon: Sta’abrian Opposes: Fire Domains: Water, Healing, Community, Protection Subdomains: Ice, Plague, Home, Purity Weapons:
Spirit sigil


Element of Spirits, Magic Pantheon: Sta’abrian Opposes: Void Domains: Madness, Magic, Repose, Knowledge Subdomains: Resurrection, Psychopomp, Memory, Souls Weapons:
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