Mala & Tala, Grand Duchy of

(MAH-lah, TAH-lah)

(Kingdom of Malach)


conventional long form: Grand Kingdom of Malach
conventional short form: Malach, or individually by its states, Mala and Tala
local long form: Malach Ha’kri Di-Ir’al
local short form: Malach
Single figurehead, Emperor J’nai, leads the Kingdom  comprised of two sister duchy states, each with independent governments.  Friendly borders with most everyone except Aigle & Evendir.

Adventuring Climate

Classic dungeon quests.  Hot weather on the surface, plenty of ancient buried ruins, exotic locales and more than one or two labyrinthine dungeons.

Actual Climate

Primarily desert with southern tropical mountains (Persian culture, Egyptian adventures without obvious references to either, i.e. no pyramids, pharaohs nor sultans but instead caravans, tombs, golden idols, etc.)
Pros: Loot is mostly yours, freelance adventuring
Cons: Competing adventurers, try to find your own adventure.

Distinct Locations

Khadra’khal Bazaar