Most of the denizens of Erinnal bend the land to their whim though agriculture, livestock and building.  Yet the tribal inhabitants of Sta’abri see the land as their mother and treat it thus with few exceptions.

Divided into totemic tribes and clans, they are collectively known as the Hordes of Sta’abri.  The Major tribes are easily comprised of a few thousand warriors, shamans and farming people many of whom migrate across their territory depending on the season.  Of these, the Black Feather and Winterwolf migrate the most while the Cinder Foots and Fire Birds migrate the least.


Major Tribes

Black Feather

Cinder Foot

Dead Claw

Eagle Horse

Fire Bird (NG)

Iron Boar

River Elk

White Bison


Minor Tribes

Black Fang

Blood Eye

Blood Hawk

Bronze Talon (NG)


Ice Bear

Jade Fox

Red Hand

Scarred Hand

Sky Horse

Snow Leopard


White Feather


Wyvern Claw